How To Clean And Maintain Your Leather Wallet


A wallet is one of the most important and used items that we carry on a daily basis and that is why it is always prone to dirt, stains and smells. It is very easy to just replace it with a new one but if it is made of high-quality leather with a bit of a steep price tag, you would most likely think twice. Besides, it really pays off to buy an item with good quality that lasts longer as long as you know how to clean and maintain it properly. 

When you invest in buying premium leather wallets like genuine, full-grain, suede or top grain leather, it is best to learn how to maintain them as they tend to become dry and brittle as they get older. It requires some precise steps and certain care but it can go a really long way. 

Lucky for you, we have laid out the steps and tips below on how you can deeply clean and maintain your leather wallet at home without ruining it. 


  1. You can actually wash your leather wallet. Make sure to remove any items first and then blow out any dust or dirt stuck inside the wallet.  Wipe down the outside of the wallet using a dry cloth or damp cloth if there is any grease or dirt build up. 
  2. Hand wash your wallet with a soft cloth mixed with warm water with a saddle soap or a leather cleaner. If you don’t have saddle or leather soap, you can just use baby shampoo or any unscented soap. 
  3. Rinse off with warm water and use a clean and dry cloth to dab any excess water. Do not leave your wallet to dry under direct sunlight or heat source as it causes stiffness.
  4. Condition your leather wallet regularly as it adds natural oils and moisture back into the leather. You can buy any leather conditioner or moisturizer. Just apply a small amount of it onto a clean cloth and wipe into a small area of the wallet first and gently all over it. 

We recommend you wipe off your wallet at least once a week, condition it every two months and wash it every 6 months to prolong its life.