Best Alternatives To Classic Men’s Accessories


Accessories may have been a luxury in the past, but it has since become readily available with different styles for every person. There are plenty of more affordable options now from watches to bracelets, etc. While it is great to wear expensive men’s accessories, many tend to shy away from it already and choose designs or brands that are new and unique. 

Accessories for men definitely help personalize your style and let you present yourself according to your personality. They can spice up your look and bring up your coolness. Although, it is important to find guy’s accessories that perfectly blend into your clothes or highlight it. It’s a make or break it type of thing. 

 As jewelry and accessories are more popular in women, men have somewhat gone down the basic path. It is understandable that men tend to wear accessories that are classic and simple enough to not think about it for too long. While the classic men’s accessories are the standard and will surely never go out of fashion, there are still a lot of options to level up your style game. A classic stainless steel bracelet or necklace may be great, but there is nothing wrong to at least try out new ones. 

You’ll never know if other styles can work on you unless you try them so we have gathered the best alternatives to classic men’s accessories for you. 

Unique 3 in 1 Bracelet

This bracelet is so cool that you can wear each piece separately or stack them together for a distinctive look. The braided leather design, the exclusive tiger eye beads, and the classy stainless steel, all combine to give you an exceptionally suave look. 

Regal Black Stone Lion Bracelet

A quirky and stylish bracelet with natural black stones and stylish lion-head detailing. The beautiful natural stones give this bracelet a unique and trendy look. Gives you an elegant look that perfectly complements every outfit.

Modern Stainless Steel Viking Pendant

Designed to capture the quintessential Viking vibe within every carved edge. This arrowhead pendant  represents the fusion of Viking feelings with contemporary fashion. Its impeccable finish and classic representation make it ideal for every occasion, as well as a talisman for good luck and courage.

Unique Natural Stone Necklace

The masculine, stainless steel pendant perfectly accentuates the soothing blue stones. Features the unique blue natural stone with powerful stress-and-fatigue-busting qualities. Silky bands of rich color give the natural stones a slight color-shifting, hypnotic quality. 

Dark Trident Ring

Engraved with the trident motif of the old gods, this ring comes in a matte black finish that can accentuate any look. It gives off a dual-toned black hue when the light catches it from different angles.

Carved Claw Onyx Ring

Boldly crafted, the ring has an original black onyx centre stone, held in place by steel falcon claws and an intricately designed silver stone motif set on top of the onyx. The contrasting hues of black, silver and rose gold enhances the sheer regalness of the ring. 

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