Necktie Styles Every Man Should Have


Funny thing about neckties is that men have not really gotten the perfect amount of pieces they should own. It’s usually either they own a lot because people give them presents knowing they wear ties every day for work, thus accumulating a collection but only few are being used. Or those men not in corporate jobs who don’t own a lot and just merely wear neckties for weddings, from events’ leftovers, intermittent impulse buying and mixed gifts. 

Having too many ties you don’t really use will only be a clutter in your closet and having limited options is not that ideal as well. 

So, if you want to be armed with just the right amount of neckties that you can choose from and grab whenever you need it, then it’s time to add some to your collection or trim down to the important ones. Regardless of your profession, preference or personal style, these neckties for men are the must-have styles you should keep.



Solid Color Necktie

This is one of the basic ones that you need. It pretty much goes with any style of your suit with the right color choices. On the other hand, almost all those solid color neckties aren’t really what they seem. They may have some kind of subtle patterns or waves that make a different texture. 

It is also worth mentioning that these ties are not really versatile in a way so you don’t have to own a lot. Just one or two will come in handy already. 



Polka Dot Necktie

Polka dots are just one of the types of figure-patterned ties but it is an icon on its own. Choosing this type of tie requires a bit of understanding the basics; it looks formal when smaller dots are apart and casual when bigger dots have less spacing. 

You have to take note as well that color combination matters. All you need is one style or two polka dot neckties for formal wear and maybe a couple for fun mix and match.




Diagonal Stripe Necktie

The default image of a businessman necktie is this style pattern. This may be due cultural and aesthetic reasons, thus you will see more diagonal stripes variety than any other neckties. Whether it’s a repeating, single or many-colored pattern, this kind of necktie pulls off different styles depending on their colors.

Owning two or three diagonal stripe neckties is good enough to work around in different moods and roles.



Honeycomb Hex Tie Necktie

Now if you want to be extra whenever you walk into your office or attend an event, this necktie style is your go-to. Business men and celebrities from all over the world added Hex Tie Necktie to their collections for special events and conferences. Hex Tie is hand-made and each tie reflects a custom setting, giving each piece a one-of-a-kind design. 

This is a great addition to your collection, even with just getting one type of color. Not only that it gives a confidence boost but also striking enough to start a conversation. 

Starting off with those necktie types mentioned above will already set you to a sustainable and workable collection in your closet. You may want to have more over time if you are in a corporate world but for those who are not into suit and tie every day, you will not have a hard time grabbing one if you want to look good on rare occasions. 

If you meticulously choose your neckties considering your existing wardrobe, it will be easier for you to get on a personalized sharp look. You just have to make sure that your outfit goes with it and you know how to tie neckties


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