Stylish Necklaces That Men Should Wear


As accessorizing has become more acceptable to men, options for men’s accessories and jewelry have also flooded. Men are no longer associated with just the basics and classics. They can now fully express themselves fashionably without worrying too much about whether certain accessories are too feminine or overwhelming. Even a classic chain can already be a stylish adornment to any outfit. 

Typical men would usually go for the easy ones, or shall we say, subtle in a way, like a bracelet or a ring. This is expected because guys wouldn’t want to be too flashy and would always try to be as minimalistic as possible. But little did you know that chains or necklaces are just as masculine as watches. You just have to pick something that suits your personal style. 

You can definitely mix and match men’s necklaces. Experimenting is always the key. Better if you have more than one style so that you can pair up depending on your attire. Whether it is showcasing your uniqueness or you have a knack for finer details and sentimental things, a men's chain is a great accessory to elevate your look. Good thing is, we have come up with an amazing list of stylish necklaces that modern men should really consider wearing.



This stainless steel necklace is sophisticated and contemporary, the perfect statement for the modern man. Understated, suave, and elegantly classy, it features a flawless craftsmanship and impeccable finish making it the ideal choice for every event and with any casual or formal outfits.

  • Trendy Punk Necklace Chain
  • Best worn alone as a statement piece. The big chain links mean business. Its shiny metallic stainless steel really pops on a black shirt, offering a modern and sleek look with an edge! The toggle clasp closure is also a pendant-like feature to be worn at the front, creating visual interest. Designed for the bold in mind, this necklace really stands out from the crowd.


  • Modern Stainless Steel Viking Pendant
  • Designed to capture the quintessential Viking vibe within every carved edge. Symbolizing the Scandinavian Norse mythology, the arrowhead represents the fusion of Viking feelings with contemporary fashion. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this pendant is classy, scratch-resistant, as well as durable and timeless. 


  • Unique Natural Stone Necklace
  • Necklace that features a unique blue natural stone, also known as falcon eye or hawk eye, a semiprecious stone with powerful stress-and-fatigue-busting qualities. Silky bands of rich color give the natural stones a slight color-shifting, hypnotic quality. The masculine, stainless steel pendant perfectly accentuates the soothing blue stones. 


  • Lava Bead Necklace With Skull Pendant
  • Rock the grunge with this gorgeous skull necklace with lava beads. It has a metalhead look without compromising on the style factor. Made from natural black Agate and Hematite stone, the necklace works as a talisman against negativity and helps your focus and concentration, and ground your energy, while the flawless skull pendant makes it look unique and charming. 

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