Unique Men's Rings To Look Cooler


Men tend to accessorize less than women in general. Throwing in basics and going for safe and neutral options are very common styles to most. For instance, wearing black and white suit and tie or shirts and just dark-colored pants which don’t need much maintenance. They are pretty straightforward so when it comes to accessorizing, the easy way is obviously going for a watch or sometimes rings in general. 

Whether it be for an engagement, wedding or styling purposes, guys also often choose the ones that are classic and have a minimalist design as much as possible. But if you are that type of guy who wants to elevate your fashion game, you might want to consider trying out pieces that are unique but still have that classic feel to it. Like any jewelry, rings come in different designs with various colors and materials used. 

There are a lot of men’s accessories brands out there for sure. You may want to check out or avoid some but lucky for you that we’ve done the homework. We have narrowed down the coolest men’s rings that are worthy of your attention. Not only do they look unique, they also have some interesting details and historical bits here and there. So it’s not just about leveling up your sense of style, but also choosing what reflects your personality or having some sort of personality within your accessories.



  • Lionheart Ring
  • Giving off a powerful vibe, this bold Lionheart Ring is one such statement piece. The motif of the lion on the ring has been intricately carved out of high-quality stainless steel. The elegant matte finish of the ring gives it a gorgeous vintage look, setting it apart from the crowd.



  • Gladiator Glory Ring
  • Crafted like the masks of gladiators and soldiers of the past, this piece is sure to become a classic addition to your collection of fashion accessories. Made out of high-quality stainless steel, the Gladiator Glory Ring has a simple yet bold design with historical motifs. The ring fits snugly on your finger, and stands out because of its intricately crafted details. 



  • Stately Classic Ring
  • A regal addition to your men’s accessories list that you would want to flaunt every day. This Stately Classic Ring has an oxidized-metal finish that gives it a sense of history, without the hefty bill that comes along with such buys. Flawlessly crafted out of high-quality stainless steel, the soldier ring has an elaborate and detailed design that gives it an old-world charm.



  • Carved Claw Onyx Ring
  • Made out of 925 Turkish Silver, it comes with a high-quality finish and gives a luxurious touch to all your looks. This boldly crafted Carved Claw Onyx Ring has an original black onyx centre stone. It is held in place by steel falcon claws and an intricately designed silver stone motif set on top of the onyx. The contrasting hues of black, silver and rose gold enhances the sheer regal vibe of the ring. 



  • Dark Trident Ring
  • Intricately carved ring that shows class and suaveness. Engraved with the trident motif of the old gods, this Dark Trident Ring comes in a matte black finish that can accentuate any look. It gives off a dual-toned black hue when the light catches it from different angles, all because of the delicate craftsmanship.  Pair it with a leather jacket or a power suit, this ring is the one that can rule them all. 


    In a world where change is constant and fashion is ever evolving, don’t be afraid to experiment and be as unique as you can be. Wearing cool and unique men’s rings is a one step forward. Make your men’s accessories worthy of other peoples’ attention. 


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