First Things Women Notice In Men


It is not surprising that most men think women only notice your face, biceps or bank account. While in some instances one or two may be true, it really sounds a little shallow to begin with. It all comes down to how you carry yourself and if you want to make an effort to get noticed by the person you are eyeing for. 

There can be a lot of pressure for men to be suave and put together but it does not necessarily mean that you are invisible if you don’t. What’s important is that you should not pretend to be someone you are not. 

Yes, women are observant and more often than not, they have already measured you up in multiple ways before you even said something. It is all about the mannerisms and body language that you might not be aware of sometimes, but women do.

First impressions do last and you have to nail it whenever you have the chance if you are really into that person or you want to get a lasting impression. We will give you a run down of the most important things that women notice in men. Women are complicated in many ways but it will get easier over time. 

Your Smile

A smile always goes a long way. It is a welcoming gesture that you are acknowledging the person and waving from afar. It is the valuable part of your whole face so you better get it right. Without an eye contact is not going to cut it so lock your eyes with the woman and have that confident posture. 

Your Mannerisms

Keep all distractions at bay, especially your phone. Give your full attention to the woman you want to talk to. A gentle but firm handshake, eye contact and focus on her presence are your recipe for success. Greet her and set the tone for the conversation. It also pays when you avoid interrupting her when she talks. 


Your Body Language

No matter what clothes you wear or how you present yourself, your body language cannot lie. You know as they say, actions speak louder than words. Even a slightly angled head can make a wrong impression. It is better to avoid any negative gestures and keep your arms unfolded. Don’t make yourself look intimidating but rather engaging and warm. 

Your Style

Of course we just can’t judge anyone based on their overall look. Though sometimes, most people make assumptions about how someone looks and this is often true to women. No, it is not about how expensive you look but how you carry yourself. You may consider what you wear, based on your  lifestyle and personality. At least make an effort to show how mature and sophisticated you can be. 


Women pick up details so it is very important to consider different ways and continue to improve yourself. Be an interesting person if you want a woman to be interested in you, and vice versa. You also have to treat everyone with equal respect and pay attention when they are talking to you. 


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