Stylish Ways On How Mix And Match Men’s Looks


There are a lot more options when it comes to men’s clothing and accessories but oftentimes, men usually fall into the safer side. They tend to wear their whites, blacks and greys because they feel like they don’t have the combination and pairing skills. What they are missing out is that there is flexibility and range which makes it practical. 


You can definitely create a variety of combos and looks even with a few suits or any clothes in your wardrobe. The good thing is, the modern suiting culture now is mainly about matching which also means the art of eliminating the separates. 


This art of mismatching may sound fashionably exciting though it is not that easy. Wearing your go-to blazer and pants is not necessarily the right way. There are some rules you need to follow for mixing and matching men’s clothes. To effectively get the best combinations, here are a few basic tips that you can take note to get started. 


Accessorizing. This is pretty much the most obvious one if you are not confident with your clothing yet. Wearing accessories instantly levels up your overall look. Depending on your outfit, you can keep it down to one or two men’s accessories and avoid over-accessorizing. Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are just some of accessories for men that are great for finishing touches. 


Trousers with blazers. Dressing smart casual is the way to go when any occasion calls for dressing up without having it to be too formal. You can throw in a nice blazer with just denim or chinos. The choice for denim trousers is the safest choice for a smart casual look and pair it with a plain white shirt. 


Experiment with colors. Mixing and matching is mainly about achieving the right color combinations. You can avoid mixing similar color tones for starters but at the same time, you should not pick the opposite ends. Start with working around one color and base your other choices from there. Of course, combining colors depends on the season and wherever you plan to go or attend to on a particular day. 


The versatility and practicality of styling separates are currently making waves in men’s fashion. Although they are aesthetically pleasing, mixing and matching a lot of combinations still need more practice.

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