Men's Dressing Hacks To Look Taller


It is not uncommon to hear from some men saying they wish they were a bit taller. Height is something that is expected and desired of them, especially when dressing up. Men often think that they will look more attractive when they have just the right height. Somehow, society as a whole plays a role on this because people would always project men should be taller than women, emphasizing on finding a partner. 

For every man who has accepted their size feature like Tom Cruise, there are still men who just could not get it together and continue to make the wrong fashion choices. Well, you might just find the cure in here if you read until the end. 

No matter where your height spectrum is, there are helpful dressing hacks for your height that you can definitely use to add some inches, at least visually. 

Right Fitting

Don’t try to buy large clothes to compensate for your tiny stature. That’s a big no. Your jacket’s armhole should be high enough to have a gap between the torso and arms. It is slimming as well as elongating when they’re by your side. 

It will be better to have your jacket on the small portion side as this will give you more leg, thus making you look taller. Slim is good but skinny fitting will only make you appear like you have shrunk. 

Try Monochrome

Haven’t you heard about this before? Yes, wearing the same colour on top and bottom can somehow make you look taller. A tonal casual attire like a dark black suit or grey shades can work really well. It would be better to not go for clothes with big logos and prints because neat lines and minimalist look are more helpful.

Vertical Stripes

This is one of the oldest style tricks because they are literally straight lines that guide the eye up and down. You may want to have very defined stripes that are neither wide nor tight. Do not even attempt to go for a cluttered pattern, just choose something that has clean lines. 

Remove Your Belt

You may have taken this for granted, but a visible belt will automatically cut you in half. Wear your trousers higher than your hips level. It will emphasize the length of your legs more and eliminate the need for a belt. 

When you want to be taller, your overall look choices should be screaming “up here”. People should be drawn to see you upwards and stay there. Not to say you should not be proud of what you have, but at least minimize the attention to your height. If you also are considering men’s accessories that stand out, check out here.