Top Men’s Classic Leather Wallets


Wallets have always been a staple when it comes to men’s accessories and leather wallets are simply a classic choice. They not only match with any outfit, they are also long-lasting and very elegant. There is something special about the overall feel and look of a genuine leather that speaks style. 

A well-cared for leather wallet ages like a fine wine and lasts for years, that is why men prefer them than the ones made of other materials. As it is a wardrobe staple for men, there are a lot of designs and styles to choose from. It is only a matter of preference what type you are looking for and if it fits in your lifestyle. 

The trend now is going towards minimalism. The lighter it weighs, the better it should be because most people now are into bringing cards rather than cash and coins. Men would rather choose something that won’t look bulky if put into their pants or trousers. Of course, your wallet has to have the practicality and functionality that will serve you on a daily basis. 

You might already have a slight idea in mind of what kind of wallet you’d like, but feel free to check some of our picks for the top men’s classic leather wallets that are made out of original cow leather. 




Slim Leather Strap Wallet

This catchy wallet has a unique strap on design for additional security to your essentials inside. You will get additional straps with different colors that you can replace and swap anytime. Not only that it is made with sturdy material, you can also change how it looks and make it look new depending on your mood or color pattern that you want by just changing the strap.

It combines luxurious creative design, functionality and solution to any lifestyle. Fits 8-10 cards, cash and coins. Comes in green, black, and blue colors, too. 

Minimalist Wallet

Slim enough to easily slide into your trouser pocket. This simple yet functional wallet has a very distinct style and can be opened in two ways; from the top or on the side and this is the fun part of it which makes it a unique leather wallet. A card holder wallet that fits up to 10 cards including cash and coins. 

It comes in green and carbon colors as well.

Smart Leather Wallet

Extracting important cards from your wallet can be a little tricky sometimes and this automatic wallet does the job for you. It is a great choice for anyone who finds themselves in such situations often. This smart wallet, with special aluminium storage for all your important cards, allows easy accessibility with a simple click. 

A wallet that is nothing short of elegance and sturdiness. Comes in black and grey, too. 

Long Leather Wallet

Works as a mini pouch for your everyday essentials that suit your busy life. This long wallet can actually store your phone along with your cards, cash and coins. Features a unique style which allows you to open in two ways; front and back. Its compartments segregate the items for you to easily locate them. It comes with a carbon color as well. 

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