Proper Dressing According To Your Body Shape


Do you have a broad chest but a slightly average arm size? How about a well-developed cobra lats with a barely there waistline? 

How you dress for the shape of your body is not all about weight. Since men have a bit lesser curves than women and also have varying types, there is a need for a shape-focused style approach in choosing what clothes to wear. 

You don’t always have to follow the trends. It doesn't matter if you are a fashion forward person, not every single new style is going to fit right in. Going to a trusted tailor can be an option for you if you really want a particular trendy style for a suit as an example, but just need a bit of alterations. It 's going to save you from making style mistakes and money. 

Below are the most common body shapes with accompanying guide to properly dress accordingly. 

Inverted Triangle Shape 

Looks familiar? The cartoon character Johnny Bravo is the best example for this men’s body type. Having broader shoulders and chest than your hips are perhaps into barbells. Although it seems like you are in a good shape, you might still need a few fixes to have a bit of a balanced proportion. 

What’s important here is to make your midriff and lower body bulkier while shrinking your upper body a bit. 


  • A shirt or polo with horizontal stripes specifically from the chest down as it broadens your narrow waist. 
  • Typical V-neck and slim-fit shirts. It is better to size it up than your usual T-shirt size. 
  • Straight cut trousers and pants.  

Rectangular Shape 

This is usually for tall and thin men with a rectangular shaped-body that have the same width for shoulders and hips. What you can do is to create an illusion of structure to expand your shoulders and a subtle taper all the way down. 


  • Structured suit and blazers to size up your shoulders. 
  • Horizontal stripes across your upper torso.
  • Button-down shirts and a fine crew neck jumper to bulk up your frame. 
  • You can also use some brighter pops of color and prints for your top. 

Triangle Shape

Your body tends to appear more triangular if you have a bit of a bulging belly. This means that your body may appear larger around the waist area and becomes narrow on top. 

But this does not automatically mean you are not in a good shape. It is just that most clothes are designed usually the opposite of your body type. Of course there are dress options that are more flattering. 


  • A vertical stripe pattern because this trims down the silhouette. 
  • Structured jackets expands your shoulder line
  • A slim fit single-breasted suits


Trapezoid Shape

You have just won the fashion game with this body type as this means you have a broad chest with equally balanced-shape all the way down. You have a well-proportioned shape so there aren't many fixes you need to do. 

Having this men’s body type means that you can pretty much try any trend and you will always look good. 

Farfetched’s Tony Cook said, “Being one of the more athletic body shapes, Trapezoids should take full advantage of the sportswear-inspired look dominating menswear at the moment.”

Have you found your body type? Are you already thinking of what clothes to buy next? Furthermore, you can also pair them with elegant and stylish men’s accessories. Check the full collection here.