Best Modern Ways To Wear A Suit


Wearing a suit as an office uniform has always been the standard and has not changed that much since time immemorial. It is synonymous to formality and has shaped the dressing code for men. Men have been wearing suits to look more presentable and decent, especially to important events and corporate meetings or conferences. 

While suits may be the formal wear of men by default, there have been significant alterations in its styling in the last few years due to rapid changes in fashion in general. Tailors and designers alike are always finding more ways to give suits a fresh take. Whether it be styling it differently by pairing it with unusual inner shirts or changing patterns and layering, the suit game has gotten even better and flexible. 

To help you keep up, below are the most notable contemporary ways on how to wear a suit. 

Half-Zip It

The trends in the seventies and athleisure inspired this kind of styling. This men’s suit style is halfway between a track suit and standard jumper. It styles great under casual suit jackets and breasted coats. 

According to stylist Luke McDonald, “Half-zip tops are brilliant as a way of playing down the formality of a more tailored jacket or coat and adding a sporty element.”

Suit Separates

This is the style that provides more options for flexibility but if taken beyond, it can cramp the whole vibe. Patterns can raise your suit game from a rather standard color blocking. Just be careful with not putting in too many. 

“The key to separates is mixing up both the texture and colour, so for example, a blue blazer with a  pale chambray shirt and white denim jeans offers a great mix,'' says McDonald.

Try Some Shades

The suit palette has quite expanded as fashion seasons change to even include pastels. Although most tailoring still stays conservative and still won’t move away from the grey norm as they worry about less versatility. 

But if you are willing to try something new, better start with forest or olive green and burgundy darker shades. The coat or suit is a statement in itself so it is always a good idea to keep the inner shirt and tie plain. 

Blazer Team

Try switching things up by swapping your coats or blazers to proper cardigan. This is a fresh take on formal wear giving you some structure while not being too formal. You can change your standard jacket to a tailored one and make it neat and fitted. 

With this style, you can look a little casual but still decently put together. 

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