Best Men’s Wallets For Every Type Of Guy


A lot of people would argue that accessories are just optional items you can store in your wardrobe but certain enough that wallets are an absolute need, well, for obvious reasons. Wallets are one of those things that you should have by default as you use it on the daily. Securing your cash, cards, coins and any small items is important as you go about your day. 

When it comes to choosing a men’s wallet, quality is the first thing you should consider. Men’s wallets come in various sizes, colors and designs but it is wise to buy the one that can last you a long time. For starters, a leather wallet is a great option if you want quality and classic style. It does not matter if you want a wallet that fits any cash or cards, a wallet that has RFID technology to protect your valuables from digital theft or a stylish card holder, as long as it is functional and serves its purpose. 

It is given that men differ in style and needs and men’s wallets are typically made to fit into pockets or trousers because they don’t carry bags a lot like women. We have narrowed it down below for you to check out the best men’s wallets for every type of guy. The list has the best wallet options that you can find based on your preferences. 

Minimalist Wallets

Simple and straightforward wallets that are curated for your on-the-go lifestyle. Slim enough to easily slide into your trouser pocket. A smart wallet that has a very distinct style and can be opened in two ways; from the top or on the side and this is the fun part of it which makes it a unique leather wallet. It functions as a cash and card holder wallet and comes in classic brown, carbon, and green colors. 

Smart Leather Wallets

This automatic wallet is also made out of high-quality real cow leather. It is a great choice for anyone who is always having a hard time extracting an important business card out of a bulging wallet .This smart wallet, with special aluminium storage for all your important cards, allows easy accessibility with a simple click. It has a classic elegant design that is suitable to carry with any outfit or occasion. Comes in brown, grey and black colors. 

Slim Leather Strap Wallets

Combines luxurious creative design, functionality and solution to any lifestyle. No matter what profession, daily life and tasks you do, this wallet has a unique strap on design for additional security to your essentials inside. What’s even greater is that you will get additional straps with different colors that you can replace and swap anytime. Not only that it is made with sturdy material, you can also change how it looks and make it look new depending on your mood or color pattern that you want. It comes in brown, black, green and blue colors. 

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