Power Dressing Guide For Modern Men


Power dressing in this generation is a whole lot of different story from what has been in the last few decades. While suit and tie corporate looks are still considered the decent way of dressing for men, the younger generation of CEOs in recent years have changed the game. 

Living in this modern age now means that power dressing is wearing whatever you like, and if you are famous, someone in a position or rich, you can easily get away with it. However, there is a difference in the intent of wearing clothes that don’t make sense because in one way or another, you would not want to be disrespected.

To understand the concept of power dressing is to showcase your personal style in a way that you own it, not to boast about how much money you have. Knowing how to navigate your way and play by the rules and make them to your advantage. It is your cheat sheet of how to properly present yourself when the situation calls for it. Whether when you are a boss or dressing for a job or occasion. How much you know is ultimately your power. 

Taking all those mentioned into account, we have gathered the essential guide into power dressing for a modern man like you. We bet it is time for you to sit tight and read on. 

Fresh Cut

Any man always wants a hairstyle that would better alleviate his facial features. A great haircut gives you an edge if done right. A freshly trimmed hair can turn a sloppy outfit into something thought after. The key is consistency. It is always better to fix up your hair with a new trim when it needs to. A freshly trimmed man is great to look at and invites new perspectives. 


Suit Up Without The Tie

If you want to try something more practical and modern, smart casuals are more of a thing now. Wearing the classic suit and tie always makes you look too formal and overdressed for everyday work or dealings. If you also skip it even when you need to, you risk the chance of looking respectable. 


What’s good about smart casuals are not only do they make you look really stylish but are also not that hard to maintain. Collarless or band-collar shirts are great to pair up with a suit or coats that can pass most dress codes while roll neck jumpers can be handy for colder seasons. 

Great Footwear

There are certainly power dressing rules when it comes to shoes whether you wear the ones with soles or sneakers.  Quality is of your highest concern for sure. It is wise to buy a well-made pair of shoes rather than buying cheap ones that you will have to replace once or twice a year. 


But of course, just buying quality men’s shoes does not mean you’re good to go. It has to be well-maintained and that means cleaning it often. There are people who easily judge you based on how clean or dirty your shoes are so it's better to look polished any time. 

Now that you are set up to power dress your way to the top, you can also accompany it with elegant and smart men’s accessories. Check our best-selling collection here.