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The direct answer here is, "Why Not?
". But let's not jump to conclusions, and instead give a breakdown on why we shouldn't consider wearing bracelets as feminine, and why men should wear bracelets.

Even before our great-grandparents were born, men have been wearing bracelets. Either as a display of their status and power, as a pledge of allegiance to a certain party, or to ward off bad spirits, there are a lot of reasons why they would wear one.

As civilizations advance, and things are modernized, gent are judged as gay simply because they are wearing one. Little do people know the importance of wearing accessories. Let's name a few.

Wearing bracelets can initiate a conversation. Normally, what catches the attention of people are those things that make you appear more interesting - striking hair color, or perhaps an eye-catching accessory. Who knows, your bracelet can actually be an excuse for a gorgeous babe to start a conversation with you?

Wearing a bracelet makes you more appealing and attractive any day. Different kinds of bracelets represent different moods and characters. Simple and elegant metallic cuffs go well with formal or office wear, fabric/woven bracelets for those lazy days when you're being comfy in cotton, or hybrid types (beaded with leather or metal) for special occasions. Men’s gold or silver bracelets make them look a bit more sophisticated and luxurious. One the other hand, if a guy wears a lot of bracelets at the same time, it says differently about his characteristics. 

Wearing bracelets exhibits your love for history and art. Certain types of bracelets have deep historical origins. Bangles are rigid types that are usually made of wood, metal, or glass, designed to produce clinking sounds to match with Bengali's traditional dances or to wear on weddings or other festivities. Charm bracelets are used as amulets or talismans to avoid bad luck and are believed to be an identity for gods to recognize a person in the afterlife. During the Roman Empire, Christians will wear uniform bracelets to secretly identify themselves from their co-believers.

men's silver bracelets dubai

Wearing bracelets makes you feel good. It's a great compliment to your outfit without being extra. Plus, most bracelet designs are made luxurious and fashionable, you’re feeling and looking trendy every time you wear them. Men can also wear bracelets for couples which makes them feel inspired and loved. So take note - accessories like rings, bracelets, or necklaces, aren't made exclusively for ladies. What type of men’s bracelet sizes and designs work best for your outfit? Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs!

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