married couple wearing wedding bands in dubai

Getting ready to settle down? The planning phase of a wedding adds greatly to the excitement and romance for the couples being bound to love each other for life. While wedding themes, cakes, attires, food, and venues are arranged, we often miss an essential part - the wedding rings. 

Today, we'll talk about some of the common questions couples ask about wedding rings. 

How far in advance should we buy our wedding bands? 

Generally, couples start shopping around three or four months before their big day. Famous businesswoman, Martha Stewart, recommends actually buying the ring on the 6th-week mark. This is ideal, especially when you requested engravings since it may take a few more days to do. If you're dreaming of custom-made wedding bands, allow 8 weeks or more to craft. 

Are engagement rings really important? 

Most weddings were successfully pulled off without engagement rings. While it's not considered a necessity, putting on a ring during a proposal is a romantic gesture any girl can dream of. It's what makes the promise real and that sentimental moment will be something to cherish forever. So put a ring on it, if you can. 

How much should we spend on our rings? 

Typically, more money is spent on the ring during the proposal than the wedding itself. On average, couples allot around $5000 of their budget for the engagement rings while around $1400 combined price for the bride and groom's wedding rings, according to a study conducted by The Knot. But remember, true love can never be labeled with a price tag. Whether you get wed with a soda can lift rings on your fingers, or with a luxurious pair smothered with real diamonds - the most important is the promise that you have for each other.

heart-shaped hands of couple wearing wedding rings dubai


Where to shop for wedding rings? 

When you think of buying quality and elegant rings, a lot of legendary jewelry boutiques may come to mind - Cartier, Tiffany and Co, Pure Gold, to name a few. While most soon-to-be-weds prefer shopping on brick-and-mortar establishments, buying online offers more savings and convenience. Chain stores spend more on ads, establishments, and people, which increases the cost of the products that they sell, as compared to online stores. While there are risks of running on bogus jewelry stores, this can be resolved by doing research and referrals or testimonies. offers a wide variety of rings and accessories made with premium materials to make your special day extra. Just make sure you have the right sizes, and be mutual on the right type and made, and place your order ahead. With the rings taken care of, you can focus on the other aspects of your big day.